Treating a Panic Attack by the Use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Or CBT

When a person out of the blue feels fearful it may well be the consequence of a combination of symptoms. This could be a panic attack, a type of anxiety disorder. These symptoms happen often with no evident causes. However research demonstrated that panic attacks can be triggered by medications, heredity, alcohol, drug withdrawal and serious disease. It happens frequently that people are unaware that they are having a panic attack. It may well last for as long as 20 minutes to as short as 10 seconds. The ailment and the symptoms can be treated with a range of remedies. There are two foremost approaches that medical doctors take are: one, by cognitive behavioral therapy; and two, by taking medications.

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Lots of disorders and also anxiety disorders are cured with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). For panic attacks, CBT is used as the first line treatment and is the best treatment for people not responding to medications. With CBT Email Extractor Software, a psychotherapist helps a patient explore gradually to the grounds or reason of his fear. This is based on the assumption that anxiety of something is conditioned in someone’s mind. Phobias are reinforced, when a sufferer constantly keeps away from the subject of his panic. As a result, not being frightened of the stimulus is what a person needs to learn. In this process, it is essential to discover how the patient deals with thoughts that cause alarm or anxiety. The therapist will begin giving information concerning the issue and how the cure is to be administered. Then the symptoms one would sense will be recreated in a controlled surrounding. This will be repeated up to five times a day for at least one minute. It can take weeks before a patient is not worried any longer by a sudden beginning of symptoms.

Cognitive behavioral therapy results in positive long terms effects to patients. Some patients can be seen with relative improvements in about six to eight weeks. It has also been known to prevent relapses for clients who have discontinued their medications. People who underwent cognitive behavioral therapy have a higher success rate when they discontinue taking benzodiazepine. When medications and cognitive behavioral therapy are combined it creates better results than when a person decides to use just one. Panic attacks are a severe disorder; for that reason it is best to check with one or two doctors before making use of any mode of therapy. Even if panic attacks can reoccur, they can be successfully cured.

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