A Guide to Tarp Straps

While it is important to choose the right tarpaulin (or tarp) for the job, the type of strap used to secure a tarp is equally important. There are several different models of tarp straps to choose from. Each one is made of different materials and has a different fastening device at the end. Tarp straps are placed over the top of the tarp and cargo and are then secured to both ends of the truck. Some tarp straps are made of material similar to that of bungee cords, while others are made of a stiffer material that is similar to nylon. Some tarp straps have simple hooks on the end, while others have elaborate spring-loaded ratchets. Simple tarp straps can sell for as little as about $20 for a four pack, while professional grade straps with ratchet securing devices and chain extensions can cost over $50 apiece.

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The type of tarp straps that are needed depends on the type of cargo being hauled and the type of tarp being used. For small loads in personal pickup trucks, the bungee type cords with simple hooks should be adequate. However, if a large load like lumber needs to be secured, more expensive and secure hooks are needed Tarpaulins.

Aside from tarp straps, tarps can be secured with rope or cables. Most pickup trucks have holes on the rim of the bed that can be used to secure ropes. Anyone with a thorough knowledge of knots can secure a tarp to the truck by threading the rope or cable through the tarp’s grommets, and then tying a knot through the truck bed’s holes. This method is only recommended for smaller cargo, not for steel tarps or lumber tarps.

Tarp straps are the best way to secure the tarp to the truck. The type of strap needed depends on the size of the cargo and the type of tarp used. Securing the tarp to the truck is vital; the tarp is useless if it is not fastened securely to the truck.

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