A Closer Look at Nail Fungus

An ounce of prevention is better than distorted, discolored brittle nails infected by fungus. Most people do not know that keeping feet and hands dry is the best prevention for nail fungus.

Millions of people in North America are infected by nail fungus. The microorganisms responsible for the infection are called dermatophytes or tinea unguium, which passes through small skin breaks between the nails and the nail beds.

These fungi are also the ones responsible for other problems like jock itch, ring worm, psoriasis and athlete’s foot. These organisms do not need sunlight or oxygen to multiply in numbers.

Nail fungus can be identified by the redness and swelling of the infected area and its very unpleasant smell. The nail may become very brittle, distorted and thick as it grows. In the course of the infection, the nail may detach from the nail bed.

The Different Kinds of Nail Fungus

The nail fungus also attacks several specific points which are classified as follows:

1. Nailbed infection
2. Infection of the outer layer of nail bed with white spotting
3. Infection of the nail fold
4. With Bacterium Candida infection
5. Destroyed nail plate

The growth of nail fungus is attributable to environmental factors like dampness, humidity and warm temperature. The microorganisms thrive in places like swimming pools, toilets, and showers.

Poor personal hygiene can be blamed for the spread of nail fungus

What To Do If You Have Nail Fungus

There are several treatment options, including conventional medicine and use of natural materials for home remedy. Nail Fungus can be treated with topical ointments like:

– Lamisil
– Penlac
– Dermisil
– Tinactin

For those looking for cheaper home remedies, soaking the feet in a mixture of vinegar and warm water is recommended. Infected nails can be immersed for around 20 minutes everyday to help in the healing of the infection.

A lot of patients have reported the efficacy of Vicks VapoRub when applied to the infected nail and its surroundings. You may also try this one. There’s nothing to lose.

It takes at least three months before the infection is resolved and a new nail grows. In the United States, people with leukemia or diabetes who are sixty years old and above are usual victims of nail fungus because of their weak immune Fungus Clear system, poor blood distribution and the normal aging process.

Prevent or You Suffer

Simple healthy practices may help prevent nail fungus. It is just a matter of blocking the entry of bacteria into your body. Otherwise, you suffer the consequences.

In public places, always use your slippers or shoes. It is also best to dry your feet well after bathing or washing. Always maintain a healthy environment at home and in the workplace. From time to time, treat your self to a nail spa so your nails can be properly groomed.

It will also be a great help if you can browse the Internet for health hazards that you may encounter. The Internet has several websites about nail fungus. Medicines or quick remedies for nail fungus or any other diseases can also be sourced online.

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