Adventures With Cheap Body Jewelry

You just don’t want to go to a regular retail outlet for inexpensive body jewelry. Hey, why would anyone come up with that kind of outlay for jewelry that you need to change all the time? What you do is instead, to head for wholesale companies that are open on the side to the public to deal in retail quantities. These are names like Painful Pleasures, Funky Town Mall and the ever descriptively named 99 Cent Body Jewelry. All of these outlets for cheap body jewelry specialize in gewgaws in surgical steel, titanium and other metals safe for use inside the body, and also in more adventurous materials body piercing jewelry .

At any of these stores, you can expect guidance and piercing supplies as well. Painful pleasures and Body Candy Hollywood for instance, carry a great line of body piercing supplies as well, over their regular inventory of organic body jewelry and an impressive line of NFL belly rings and customized belly ring styles for fans of PTFE or Teflon. With so much imagination at work, barbells, naval themed jewelry, eyebrow rings, microdermal anchors and nostril rings you could probably wear a style a day.

Consider some of the great choices you have in these imaginative adornments and ornaments to help express yourself with. Filigree plugs in silver go for under $300. Sterling silver tunnel plugs sell for $20. A tunnel plug made of wood and silver goes for $10. Does one need to go on? Consider the all-time favorite, a cross-ear barbell in the Gothic tradition can be yours for $5, and the vibrating bead ring for a little over $10.

How about giving yourself a special treat by buying a power vibrating tongue ring? Funky Town Mall has this new novelty (is there any other kind?). They scour the ends of the earth to find the most hysterical new jewelry trends and bring them to you. Cheap body jewelry that vibrates – that’s a winning combination. How low can you go when you’re trying out new jewelry to go with your style? How about the Body Candy range that goes for two dollars a pop? They have belly button rings, belly chains and even LED lit body jewelry. They’ll all go for two dollars.

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