The Easiest Way to Reach the Airport From Downtown Toronto

If you’re trying to get to Toronto’s Pearson Airport, you have a few options, ranging from costly but quick to cheap but a good bit slower. If you’re visiting or new to the area, you’ll most likely want to get a limo or taxi from Toronto downtown to the airport. Taxi and limo service cost the most, but they provide the fastest, most consistent way to get to and from the airport. Your other options, if you’re on a budget and you have time to spare, include the Pacific Western Airport Express bus and public transit on the Toronto Transit Commission. If you’re confident in your directional skills, of course, you may consider renting a car.

Whether you choose a rental car, limo, or taxi from Toronto downtown to the airport, your trip will be between twenty-five and thirty kilometers, depending on where you are downtown. Limo service to the airport is the most expensive option of the three and will afford you a similar – if slightly more luxurious – experience as getting a taxi الشحن السريع . Depending on traffic, the trip down the Gardiner Expressway from downtown to the airport can take from thirty minutes to an hour. To take a limo this distance, you’ll need to allot $60-75, plus a 15-20% tip, and you will need to ensure that you make prior arrangements for a limo to pick you up when you need to leave. Failure to plan for pickup time and traffic could very well result in a missed flight.

Taking a taxi from Toronto downtown to the airport costs slightly less than a limo and can be a lot more convenient. Taxi services are available by phone if you want to pre-arrange a ride, but you can also just flag one down as it drives by. This is ideal for travelers who don’t want to burden themselves with pre-planning their every move before they head out to the airport. Taxi services to the airport generally cost $50-65, plus – as with limo service – a 15-20% tip. If you have a lot of luggage or an extra passenger or two, you can request a minivan taxi to accommodate your needs.

Skimping on a Toronto Downtown Cab Could Cost You Your Flight

Now, let’s talk about other options. The Pacific Western Airport Express bus and the Toronto Transit Commission are both much more cost-effective than taking a limo or taxi from Toronto downtown to the airport, but they both take a lot more time. Further, public transit is not open twenty-four hours a day, so it may not be available when you need to get to the airport. If you’re on a very tight budget, the airport bus costs $26.95 per person, and public transit costs $3.00 per person, but if you use either, make sure you allocate an hour to ninety minutes to get to the airport.Honestly, your best bet to get there is to call a taxi

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