Whey Protein – Growing Muscles – Shrinking Brain

Whey is not a discovery of late, not even its usefulness in building muscles. It is not clear when Whey was first used, but it is well documented that Hippocrates (4th century B.C) used Whey liberally for its natural healing qualities particularly in the treatment of liver disease and gout. In the Roman Empire Whey was used after sumptuous feasting to alleviate resulting indigestions. Roman women used this natural product as an internal and external treatment for a “milk and honey-like skin”. Legal Steroids Europe

In the early 16th century, the Alchemist Paracelsus was a fervent devotee of Whey and suggested its multiple use for treatment as often as possible. Since then, Whey was widely used by Aristocracies in Europe and it was a popular means to prevent gout, treat digestive problems and as natural Cosmetics for skin treatment. But it was not until after WW2 that science started to take an interest in researching the nutritional properties of Whey protein that has now become the favorite Fastfood for Body Builders.

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As we live in an “Instant Gratification” society where the mantra “I want it Now” and “I want it Bigger” rules, the Nutrition Industry has been quick to exploit this trend. A huge selection of Whey products in Mega-size Containers beckon from every Gym and Dietary Supplement store shelf and reading and understanding the labels poses an enormous challenge to the non-artisan.

Without a doubt we can believe that neither Hippocrates nor Paracelsus would recognize, let alone recommend or use any of today’s Body Builder’s Whey. Natural, unprocessed and unadulterated Whey is hard to come by in America, but is quite common in Europe. It has naturally about 11% protein and 75% carbohydrates, abundant minerals (rich in highly absorbable calcium) and Amino acids.

But for the highly sought “Instant Muscles”, athletes asked for higher protein content and the industry was pleased to deliver. The protein content of Whey can be increased ad libitum by a relatively simple molecular filtration process; but, of course there is a price for concentrated protein, as a higher protein percentage reduces the percentages of the other nutrients.

So it is that the Whey in High Power Body Building Formulas boast enormous protein concentrations up to 95%! However, the products show a lower percentage because of added Flavors, Sweeteners and other Ingredients added to differentiate the product for competitive reasons. And herein lays the problem, to lure the consumer into gulping down Mega-doses of their product, the manufacturers adulterate a basically healthy source into a highly processed and outright unwholesome concoction.

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