Online Banner Advertisement VS Television Advertisements

Many studies and researches have been conducted on the effectiveness of online advertisements as well as television commercials. Both the forms of promotion are utilized by businesspersons to extract maximum benefits for the sales of their organizations. The main aim of any promotion is not only the sale of goods and services but also the promotion of the brand image. Television advertisements have been creating an impact on the target audiences with regards to the sales and promotion of a company. The online banners have also paved way to boost the sales and enhance the reputation of an enterprise in a more effective manner.

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According to a research, there are 40% of the respondents who can remember a static web ad as compared to 41% of the respondents who view a 30 second television commercial game slot online . The online promotion is cost-effective and affordable as compared to the television commercials. An advertiser has to book time slot for promoting the product on a television which turns out to be costlier. Whereas in case of online banners, an advertiser can post the advertisement on a related website or online classified ads columns at an affordable price. The challenge with the television ads is that they can be avoided easily by a target audience. They tend to be disruptive and lengthy in time duration for a viewer. As a result, a viewer does not get exposed properly to a promotion.

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