Females of Faith instructions Hong Kong’s Filipino Domestic Helpers

“I pray to God and the burdens upon my heart are lifted. ” I actually is visiting with a few workers from the particular Philippines who include gathered in addition to hundreds and hundreds of their countrywomen in Hong Kong’s Statue Square. 海外僱傭中心 can find groups enjoying every single other’s company almost everywhere you look. Many are eating, visiting, playing cards, hair styling one another’s tresses and trading relationship novels. Others will be praying, reading their Bibles and singing hymns. There happen to be an estimated a hundred and twenty, 000 female personnel from the Korea moving into Hong Kong. Most are applied as maids for that city’s wealthy households. These ‘helpers’ ( the common term for domestic employees in Hong Kong) are expected to operate twenty four hours every day, six days and nights every week, but government regulations dictate that they must be given 14 consecutive hours regarding free time each Sunday. Since the women cannot pay for to go in order to movies or consume in restaurants on their day off, they gather inside Hong Kong’s train stations and park systems or outside general public buildings.

One Saturday morning I went down to typically the heart of Hong Kong’s business section to pay some time talking using the Filipino women in a key plaza there. One group readily decided to let me personally take their image so when I informed them I seemed to be writing a story for a magazine these people were happy to remedy some questions.

Typically the ten women We spoke with just about all come from typically the same rural region inside the Philippines. That they work in homes throughout different parts of Hong Kong but in Sundays they meet up with at St. Joseph’s Cathedral located within the Central section. After mass, which often St . Joseph’s celebrates in Tagalong, the language from the Thailand, they gather upon the porch with the near by Hong Kong law courts building. They divide newspapers on their cement floor to sit down about, and then expend the afternoon consuming and visiting. They tell me these are devout Catholics and the faith in God is what will help them survive the separation from their own families inside the Israel and the on occasion cruel and unsociable treatment of their very own employers. “I pray to God in addition to the burdens upon my heart usually are lifted” one lady tells me passionately, as she lifting her hands and even eyes heavenward.

Because we visit I actually discover some of the females in the team have been in this article for less than 4 months while others have got lived in Hk for as lengthy as twelve many years. Most have young children at home in addition to are university educated. They are nursing staff, teachers, physiotherapists, pharmacists, computer programmers and even business women. They speak several languages. Nevertheless they can make 3 times more cash found in Hong Kong compared to they can rehearsing their professions inside the Philippines. These people tell me they want money to pay for their little one’s education. “To give our kids expect the future”, one woman says. They each send a substantial area of their salary home to their own families.

There are various cathedral groups and agencies in Hk which seek to assist the Filipina women working in the city. I spoken with Sue Farley who is within the board of administrators for an outreach program operated simply by the American Baptist World Evangelism business. They open the particular premises of a neighborhood Bible College about Sundays so the Philippine women can fulfill there and have part in Sunday School classes plus a worship service. They have a new fulltime director, a new woman through the Korea, who develops relationships with the girls that attend and acts as an advocate to them when necessary.

Certainly not all employers deal with their Filipino service personnel as they have to. “They really include incredible power more than the women” tells Farley. She tells me that sometimes the particular domestic helpers have already been taken advantage associated with by unscrupulous middlemen in the Philippines who charge them exorbitant prices for work visas and transportation to Hong Kong. As an end result they arrive in typically the city already due a large volume of money. If they land up along with an employer who is definitely not kind that they hesitate to review them to the particular authorities. They want to keep their very own job for compensating their own travel loan plus send money home to their households who are dependent on them. “It is not that difficult for business employers to break their particular contracts with Philippine women”, Farley explains to me. “And they can not stay here found in Hk unless these people have full-time job. ” You can easily notice why often girls tolerate the maltreatment of their employers as opposed to take legal action against these people.

Farley tells us that some girls are sexually bothered. One maid confided she slips some sort of chair under the knob of the door in her space before going to be able to bed, to maintain her boss out and about. Others aren’t while lucky simply because they have got to sleep on a mat on typically the kitchen floor. One of the Philippine women I spoke to said the girl sleeps on the floor involving the mattresses of the kids in the family where she is employed. That equal maid explained the girl is often hungry. “I can simply eat what is left over right after my employers have had dinner. “

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